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The idea to make a short film focusing on people’s experiences during the Corona crisis was created by a freelance journalist and a cameraman during the first week of the government mandated quarantine in Hamburg, Germany. After realizing current and future projects were or would be postponed or cancelled we began to wonder how to fill the void? How are friends, family and strangers adjusting to these new global conditions? Sitting at home we wonder if our 82 years old aunt in Rome/Italy is okay; what about my colleague in Mumbai; how are my friends in Brazil; how are my neighbors doing? Normally during a crisis we reach out to one another, we draw closer together for strength and comfort, physically and mentally. Social distancing however, throws a wrench into our tried and true methods of defense and self-preservation. But this period of quarantine has made very clear, to what extent we are connected and depend on one another. Not just economically or politically, but also our sense of wellbeing is being disturbed.
Global crisis cause mankind to rethink old and worn habits and actions, let go of obsolete concepts or at least to more closely examine them. How will this crisis end and what changes will it bring?  What will the future look like? Will we embrace the post Corona new world (and each other)? Or shall it be business as usual?
We set off to uncover your thoughts on the global pandemic. In the last week we interviewed 20 people in 5 different federal states in Germany and asked all of them the following 4 questions:
  • How is the Corona crisis influencing your life?
  • What experiences are particularly negative?
  • Were there positive experiences?
  • Which of your experiences from the crisis will affect your concept of shaping the future? 
We realized during these six days of filming how enriching it was for us to listen to what people had to say, to learn how they are coping with the crisis, to learn about their fears and hopes for the future and how they enjoyed being asked to share their experiences. We have created a website: www.lockdowndiaries2020.net, to share our results and we encourage you to commit your experiences and interviews to film and share them with us on this platform.
Please submit your interviews as follows:
  • Please film between 2 to 20 people sharing their answers to the questions written above.
  • Edit your film if possible.
  • A link to social medias, homepage…
  • English subtitles for interviews conducted in foreign languages.
Submit to: unlocked@lockdowndiaries2020
We pursue no commercial interests whatsoever but the simple conviction, if we talk to each other, listen to each other, it will get easier to shape a more sustainable future.
We are excited to show and view your submissions!
Helga Othenin-Girard & Hervé Dieu
Many thanks to www.musicfox.com for the free use of their music!
Canary Islands and Cataluña“      from Bartonio
„For me it is important to capture this unique moment in time, while the memory is still fresh.
What I noticed during the interviews, is that most people, in a way, appreciated this ’slowdown‘,
got more connected to the essence of human existence on this beautiful planet.“